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The Justices of the nation's highest court continue to resist transparency despite several high profile embarrassments.  

As a delegate to the 2023 SGFF, the US policy team drew up a recommended framework for sustainability focused on access for new countries and companies, while also suggesting enforcement mechanisms through contract drafting and arbitration agreements. 

Rocket Launch
Ulysses S. Grant, Lieutenant-General, U.


President Biden tries to rally Democrats and Republicans against extremist "MAGA Republicans". What did it look like the last time a President confronted a radical anti-democratic movement?


Threats of violence against election workers and voters have increased in as the election approaches, casting doubt on whether America's first general election since 2020 will be peaceful

Election Day
Image by David Veksler


The conviction of five militia members in Michigan highlights the threat posed by the nebulous "boogaloo" movement to spark a civil war.


The federal government's ability to root out extremism has run into a roadblock: thousands of state-level officials on the rolls for an organization that led the assault on January 6th. 

Image by Andrey Zvyagintsev
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